The Sweet Face of Reality

On Sunday our 9 year old got a Facetime “call” from her buddy. Kelsie (and family) had just arrived in Mexico that morning. She left Denver at 6am and by 2 pm she and Hudson were having a live video chat that included a tour of her vacation digs, infinity pool, and the Pacific waves rolling onto the beach.

Not to sound all of my 40+ years, but holy moly that’s wild.

These are the things that struck me most -

1. It’s sooo Jetsons

Two 9 year olds separated by 1300 miles having an unassisted real time video chat. Fire up the spaceship and call me Judy.

2. Instant access

Hudson was experiencing Kelsie’s vacation in real time. No need to wait for the tales upon her return, the postcard in the mail, or gosh even the email with some photos later in the week. She was so there she should have been wearing sunscreen.

Of course this example of  instant gratification raises a very hearty discussion about the importance of exercising impulse control to balance the fact that everything is literally at her fingertips in an instant.

3. Increased empathy or envy? 

Since this reality is all Hudson knows, it’s so interesting to think about the effect it is having.

I watched as she said goodbye to Kelsie. She didn’t appear to have any baby huey pity party going on (like I did). She was happy to see her friend, happy her friend was somewhere awesome, and happy to go about her own day at home.

Could it be this opportunity to literally walk in someone else’s footsteps (if leveraged wisely) could actually help her be a more empathetic & compassionate person? With some strategic guidance, It seems this powerful tool has some very powerfully positive potential.

The sweet face of reality is technology is moving at lightening speed. Even if it feels like living fiction, it’s here and it’s ours to navigate. Like anything, it’s our responsibility to do so well-informed, with good intentions, and with the goal of making ourselves, and the world around us, better.

What are your thoughts? Discuss here.

Or Facetime me. As soon as I have Hudson set it up.

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2 thoughts on “The Sweet Face of Reality

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  2. I just wanted to pop in and tell you I love your blog. I also had to sing the preasis of the PW cookbook. I got it as an early birthday present from my mother because I have been a fan of PW for a long time. Anyway we have been cooking out of it since I got it and have not found a recipe that I did not like. I plan to buy one for my daughter to put in her hopechest because she has been cooking out of it and really loves it. Which is saying something for a 16 year old who would much rather be in the barn than in the kitchen. Any way I love your blog and

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