Happiness Challenge – Day 20

Savor the Moment

Friday morning, in the chaos that is our daily life, I poured Nate a cup of milk instead of coffee. I had no idea I did it. I barely remembered pouring anything. I was clearly hours passed 6 am, well into checklist mode for the day, the week, & beyond.

So much of what we have explored over the last 19 days has focused on being present. And not just being in the moment, but actually savoring the moment.

This article from Adventures in Positive Psychology focuses on How to Savor Positivity and Experience More Joy. Author Joe Wilner offers some savoring techniques including sharing experiences with others, building memories, and avoiding being a kill-joy.

Read the full list.

In another article, Zest, Savoring and Happiness, Wilner further explores the skill of savoring.

“A Buddhist teacher, Thich Naht Hahn, encourages his students to concentrate fully as they chew their food, chewing slowly and thoroughly. He helps them enjoy the food more thoroughly, and says they end up eating and needing less because they extract all the goodness from the food they eat. A simple glass of milk and a piece of bread seems like a feast to Hahn, as he savors his food.”

Read the full article.

I spent time thinking about the moments I have felt fully present.

I can remember everything about this moment – the sounds, the smells, the enormous love I felt as I watched this exchange.

Let’s think about savoring this Sunday – starting with the first cup of coffee.

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2 thoughts on “Happiness Challenge – Day 20

  1. Sweet potatoes
    The bottle hunter
    The friendly competition between the coordinators in class three and class six

  2. The smell of my kids hair when I hug them
    The sound of cheeseburger birds
    Embracing that my life is truly good and blessed.

Let the happy begin.

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