Happiness Challenge – Day 15

Happy (14) Days

Thank you to each of you for sharing in 2 full weeks of the Happiness Challenge. As our 7 year old would say, my tank is very full from all of your lists each day.  A few highlights -

Today I am grateful for -

- climbing seal rock with some wonderful people and the 200 foot repel to get back down! Yipee
-  sitting in the park w/ nothing to do and nowhere to “rush off” too
- A new gecko on my porch. This one is brown.
-that the rain is watering my garden so I don’t have to
- sharing a hamburger with Tom on the deck at The Pub
-  singing really loud to Taylor Swift with my 4 year old on our way to Target
- waking up before the alarm and realizing i had had another 45 minutes to sleep
- getting my closet cleaned out
- Crosby Stills and Nash
- I got a free taco lunch at work for cinco de mayo
- small town mountain life
- the village we rely on to help raise our kids
- the fact that I am healthy enough to get through boot camp each Saturday morning

Your commitment to making gratitude a part of daily life is really a commitment to making the world a better place. Happiness is contagious. It’s hard to be a buzz kill when you are smiling.

We’re in our last 7 days. Let’s seal this practice as a habit.

Here’s a quick refresher on the 6 keys to happy.

6 Components to a Happy Life

“What is the definition of happiness? Why do some people seem to have the secret to happiness, while others struggle to gain any satisfaction? These are some basic but effective ideas that you can use to cultivate inner happiness and build an incredible life.”

Read the full article here.


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6 thoughts on “Happiness Challenge – Day 15

  1. 1. The most important thing on my list tomorrow, I’ve decided, is to make a pie.
    2. I love pies.
    3. Good afternoon at my office… Great staff.

  2. The transitional tide run was firmer than expected.
    Finding the ideal cardigan to wear with a sheath dress made in 1997 (in Dakar!)
    Recreating sukuma wiki (stretch the week) kale, onions, tomatoes & garlic. Simple, nutritious, local.

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  4. Internet at the laundromat so I can work and make my happiness posting while comforters are being washed. My hubby, for understanding how important communication is in marriage (even when we don’t always do it perfect). :) And a good night of sleep.

  5. That the boys slowed down for long enough to do puzzles
    A stocked frig
    A family who is always there when you need them

  6. 1. That Target is open until 11 pm when I desperately needed a new humidifier to help my daughter stop coughing.
    2. Having to take the day off work to take care of and snuggle with the sick daughter.
    3. Our espresso machine, so I don’t have to go out to get iced Americanos.

Let the happy begin.

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